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How Custom News Feeds Work

How Custom News Feeds Work

Custom news feeds allow you to follow targeted publications from profiles or company pages on LinkedIn. Here’s how to set up and use these feeds on PerfectPost.

Creation and Management of Contact Lists

Creating a List

Custom news feeds are accessible via the widget on the right side of your LinkedIn news feed.
To create a new list, click on the + create a contact list button in the widget.
Enter a name for your list in the provided field and click Create a list.

Adding Members to a List

To add people to a list, visit the LinkedIn profile of the desired person.
You will see a new button Add to my list. Clicking on it will open a window showing all your available lists.
Select the list or lists in which you want to add the person. A check mark appears next to the lists that the person has already been added to.

Limitations and Tips

- Member Limits: Each list is limited to 28 members or company pages, as exceeding this limit may cause the custom feed to malfunction.
- Free vs. Paid Version: The free version of PerfectPost allows for the creation of one list, while the paid version offers unlimited lists.

Using the Lists

Custom lists allow you to view only the publications, in chronological order, of the people or pages you have added. This is particularly useful for:

- Quick Interaction: Easily access the publications of your prospects, colleagues, or partners to regularly interact and maintain your network.

Updated on: 10/05/2024

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