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Data Visibility Rights in Team Mode

Data Visibility Rights in Team Mode on PerfectPost

In PerfectPost's team mode, data privacy is a top priority. By default, no data is shared with other team members. However, you have the option to customize visibility settings according to your needs and preferences.

Managing Draft Publications

You can configure the visibility of your draft publications in several ways:

- No Sharing : By default, your drafts remain private.
- Sharing Scheduled Publications : Only the publications you have scheduled are visible to other members.
- Sharing All Drafts : All your drafts are accessible to team members.

For each option, you can define the access level:
- Read-only : Members can view but not edit the drafts.
- Read and Write : Members can edit the drafts.
- Scheduling on Your Behalf : Members can also schedule publications for you.

It is also possible to share no drafts by default and choose to share specific publications for review, as detailed in the "how to share a publication for review" section.

Visibility of Published Post Data

Visibility settings for published posts can be finely adjusted:

- Content of Your Publications : Shares only the text and date of the posts.
- Data from Your Publications : Includes likes, comments, impressions, and shares.
- Details of Likes and Comments on Your Publications : Allows access to the profiles of users who have interacted with the posts (likes, comments).

Your Activity on LinkedIn

You can choose to share different statistics related to your activity on LinkedIn:

- Your Daily Activity : Shares only the number of likes and comments per day.
- Details of Likes and Comments You Make : Also allows extraction of the profiles of people you interact with.

Personalized News Feed

For the personalized news feed, you have a simple option:

- All Feeds / None : Enable or disable sharing your personalized news feed with your team members.

This fine management of settings ensures that you have total control over what is shared and with whom in team mode. For more information on configuring these options, refer to the detailed settings in the PerfectPost interface.

Updated on: 10/05/2024

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